The Facebook photos Tom Emmer doesn't want you to see

Tripp Emmer with a gaggle of young co-eds
Tripp Emmer shows off his assets.

The last two screen shots are taken from Tripp Emmer's Facebook profile page when it was visible to the public. While it doesn't show drinking, it does suggest one very unusual campaign slogan for Tom Emmer's gubernatorial campaign.

Tripp Emmer's profile page

A close up:

A close-up shot of Tripp Emmer's Facebook profile
Favorite quote: "Don't blow your wad in the first period!" -- Thomas Emmer Jr.
In addition to excessive drinking, both father and son also share a passion for ice hockey.

It appears young Tripp has already run afoul of the law for his underage drinking. Court records show that he was ticketed July 7 and pleaded guilty last month.

Court papers on Tripp Emmer's underage drinking.

UPDATE: The Emmer campaign has issued a statement acknowledging Tripp's underage drinking, according to MPR.

"My son made a serious mistake and has paid the consequences," the statement said. "It was a mistake which many Minnesota families are all too familiar with. Like all the other challenges in life, our family is dealing with our son in this matter with humility, seriousness, and love."

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