Tim Brewster's biggest fans today are in South Dakota

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Tim Brewster says he feels your pain.
Tim Brewster's biggest fans today can mostly be found in Vermillion, S.D. But back home, the Gophers' football coach has a target on his back after Saturday's humiliating 41-38 loss to the FBS Coyotes, and a previous skin-of-the-teeth victory at Middle Tennessee State.

"After a day it feels even bigger than it did yesterday," Coyote coach Ed Meierkort told KARE 11. "We're talking about hundreds of phone calls, e-mails and texts from people all over the country. We had the police escort us into town, students waiting for us at the dome -- this isn't a team win, it's a win for the university."

Say this for Brewster, he's really a guy who knows how to make lemonade out of lemons.

"I appreciate the people who are negative, because they have passion. At least they're not sitting there saying, 'No opinion,' " Brewster said a day after the ugly loss at the hands of the Coyotes. "There's such a deep-seated skepticism about our program, because there hasn't been a championship since 1967. That's a long time. So I have empathy with our fans who want to win a championship."

Just how negative are they? A (very unscientific) poll at the Strib has almost 75 percent of readers predicting a loss to USC this weekend by at least 25 points.

Here's Brewster's post-game chat with the press:

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