Training with Caleb Truax and crew at Lyke's Gym

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Can the great Ron Lyke turn Spicer into a contender? (Or at least keep him from getting killed?)
At the close of a work day, it's the hands that tell the story:  The painter's hands stain; the teacher's hands gesture; the politician's hands manner; the writer's hands cramp; the grunt's hands callous; the doctor's hands incise; the stylist's hands weave.

And the boxer's hands?  They just stank.

In recent weeks, I had the pleasure of training at Lyke's Gym (Coon Rapids) with local pro pugilists Caleb Truax, Jon Schmidt, Charles Meier and Jeremy McLaurin.  All four were kind enough to let me join in their arduous regimen as they began prep for the October 9th Seconds Out Promotions fight card at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.

As I was to learn over the course of three wholly draining days, it's with sound reason that these fellas all own stellar professional records -- they train like crazy.  Truax (15-0-1), you may recall, has been profiled herein on occasion in recent years.  The owner of the World Boxing Foundation Super Mid (International) belt, he now charts as the 13th ranked middleweight in the States (via BoxRec).  The U of M grad will look to extend his unbeaten streak against former Contender contestant Jonathan Reid (34-12-0) in the Hyatt's main event.

To date, opponents have yet to be named for Schmidt (9-1-0), Meier (4-1-1) or McLaurin (7-1-0).  But no matter on the "TBD"'s.  Given this glimpse into their world, it's with confidence that all of these accommodating gents will look to extend their solid, and well-deserved records.

Here's what a week of training looks (and feels) like for a professional fighter:


Training starts at about 4:30 p.m.  All of these guys work their Lyke's schedule around life's responsibilities outside the ring, whether that comes in the form of a day job, a night job, school, or fatherhood.  The session will last approximately two hours as they begin to prep in earnest for their ensuing bouts -- although the sweat isn't limited to these walls alone.

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