Tripp Emmer: It's not the drinking, it's the shaming

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There has been a lot of chatter about City Pages' decision last week to publish The Facebook Photos Tom Emmer Doesn't Want You to See.

Even though 20-year-old Tripp Emmer appears in the Republican gubernatorial candidate's first campaign commercial, and is a paid campaign staffer making $310 a week, some believe he should be off limits.

The Associated Press said it was aware of Tripp Emmer's bust for drinking underage but held the story. MPR was first to get reaction from the Emmer campaign--he acknowledged his son's underage drinking citation, calling it a "serious mistake," but neglected to address the Facebook photos. KARE-11 covered the story and included reaction from the Minnesota State Fair.

National commentator Phoenix Woman pointed out the elephant in the family room: the photo of Tripp posing with an unconscious girl marked with penises.

It turns out there's a name for the kind of picture Tripp Emmer took and posted on his Facebook page for all his friends to see.

It's called "shaming."

There's even a whole category on the website Here are some prime examples of the form. Be advised it is NSFW.

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