Tripp Emmer: It's not the drinking, it's the shaming

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Although drinking is a common college rite of passage, one would hope Minnesota's daughters aren't all going to pick up shaming photos along with their diplomas.

City Pages added the black bar across the young woman's eyes. Originally, Tripp Emmer splashed her face across his Facebook page for all the world to see. Our source is acquainted with none of the people in the picture and found the image through a rudimentary web search a year ago.

Imagine if you were that girl's father or mother and you saw that.

Imagine what it would be like to look for a job if that picture appeared under a search for your name.

Tom Emmer has addressed his son's bust for underage drinking, but he has yet to repudiate the shaming photo.

Until he does, it will continue to be an an issue in the gubernatorial campaign.


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