Tripp Emmer was on campaign payroll during underage drinking bust

Tripp Emmer was being paid $622.44 every two weeks by his father's gubernatorial campaign on the day he was busted for drinking underage.
Tripp Emmer was a paid staffer on his father Tom Emmer's gubernatorial campaign payroll on the day he was cited for underage drinking.

Documents on file with the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board show that Tripp Emmer was paid "wages" of $622.44 on June 30, and then again two weeks later on July 14. Tripp was cited for underage drinking in Douglas County on July 10 and pleaded guilty August 1.

Here's a detail from Emmer's July finance filing, which requires him to state any campaign expenditures:

Detail from Tom Emmer's Campaign Finance Board report, showing when Tripp Emmer was paid wages by the Emmer campaign.
You can download the entire Emmer finance document here.

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This is what Tom Emmer was doing less than 24 hours after his son was getting busted for drinking underage.
Tom Emmer's campaign issued a statement expressing contrition for Tripp's underage drinking bust, after City Pages broke the story.

Tripp -- Thomas Emmer III -- was busted at 1:48 a.m. on July 10 just north of Alexandria, after a Friday night of partying.

That was the same day his father was headed to the Twin Cities for political damage control. Having stuck his foot in his mouth and suggested restaurant servers should make less than minimum wage, he decided to play "waiter for a day" at the Ol' Mexico restaurant in Roseville to show he was feeling their pain.

While his son was in need of a stern lecture, Tom Emmer was delivering food and clearing tables as part of a media stunt.

Here's Tom Emmer, less than 24 hours after his son Tripp was busted drinking underage.

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