American Apparel delivers 500 free "Legalize Gay" T-shirts to U-W Whitewater

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Free at U-W Whitewater.
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater freshman Lauren Meyer was shocked last month when she got slugged and slurred for wearing a gay rights T-shirt on campus.

American Apparell, which makes the "Legalize Gay" T-shirt, was also stunned. So it fought back with a little free-market public relations.

The company shipped 500 free T-shirts to students attending a campus anti-bullying rally on Wednesday.

"We were deeply moved and inspired to hear how quickly a student rally was organized and how strong the response to this hate crime was," the company said in a statement. "American Apparel is a company that believes in freedom of expression and equal rights."

Meyer said the rally and the T-shirts were an awesome show of support. It's too bad no one has come forward to help local police catch the her assailant.

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