Bill Clinton makes good on Bachmann smackdown

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Clinton: Use your brains before voting for Bachmann
Bill Clinton picked a lousy night to be a Vikings fan, but he rallied the faithful for Tarryl Clark anyway, and got in a few hits on Michele Bachmann while the hometown crowd cheered.

After watching the Packers beat the Vikings on TV at the Teamsters Local 120 Hall in Blaine, Clinton said voters need to think as hard about Election Day as they do about their football stats.

"You look at all the Republican ads. They're designed to stop you from thinking," Clinton said. "We elect people like [Bachmann] who say, 'Don't think. You know how you feel. Don't bother with the facts.'"

The last president to leave the country with a federal budget surplus reminded the crowd that a Republican White House was behind the wheel the steering wheel when the economy crashed.

Yet, "Michele Bachmann's story goes something like this: 'OK. We left you in a really big hole.'" Clinton said. "Put us back in so we can do what we did before, on steroids."

Besides getting bask in the limelight with a former president, Clark got some added good news this weekend. The Star Tribune endorsed her, and derided Bachmann:

Four years of media razzle-dazzle have made Bachmann a political headliner, but it's done little for her beleaguered constituents back home.

Here's some Bubba:

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