Brett Favre's penis pictures too hot for local front pages

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The New York Post: Bad Snap!
The Vikings' Brett Favre is one of the hottest quarterbacks in NFL history. He is accused of texting pictures of his penis to a former New York Jets sideline reporter in 2008, when he played for the Jets. That's a big story, right?

Maybe the ick factor kept it out of last night's local newscasts and this morning's local papers. But it wasn't a problem in New York.

The New York Post splashed Sterger and Favre all over its front page, and relegated its Yankees-beat-the-Twins coverage to the sports section.

"Gray-haired gridiron granddaddy Brett Favre did not deny today that he left voice-mail messages propositioning a sexy TV sports personality shortly after he joined the Jets in 2008," Brian Costello wrote.

He was the only reporter who asked Favre about the allegations at yesterday's news conference in Winter Park.

Here's how the Post played the story:

Screen grab via New York Post
The New York Post: Bad Snap!
Back home, the largest newspaper in the state, The Star Tribune, kept the story off its front page and out of its sports section except for an entry deep down on page C7. There in the "Vikings Notes" section, under an "Etc." sub headline, there's a brief mention of Favre's press conference comments. Meanwhile on the front page:
Screen grab via Newseum
No Favre coverage fronted by the Strib.
This morning on the Strib website, gossip columnist C.J. repeated the Favre quote and added some comment and background on the Post's Costello. This afternoon, the headline was at or near the top of both its "Most E-Mailed" and "Most Viewed" lists:
Thumbnail image for favreprenissextingstrib.jpg
Screen grab via
C.J.'s on the ball.
At the Pioneer Press there's agony on the front page over the Twins loss to the Yankees last night, and cheerleading for Randy Moss. No Favre.
Screen grab via Newseum
Pioneer Press: Mission Critical.

We saw no coverage on last night's local TV news. Today, Fox 9, WCCO, KSTP and KARE all started running AP wire copy about the NFL now taking an interest in trh story. Here's the Fox 9 version:
Screen grab via Fox 9.
The NFL investigates.


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