Brett Favre 'We Want Some Pussy' video surfaces

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Screen grab via
Brett Favre: "We want some pussy!"
With the NFL looking into Brett Favre's alleged sexting, and his wife, Deanna, going on TV to say that faith is the only thing keeping her together, this new video can't be welcome news.

It shows a boozing 23-year-old Favre in a Green Bay bar in 1992, leading a chant of 2 Live Crew's "We Want Some Pussy.", which posted the video here, says the clip was shot during a "Hott Buns" contest, which Favre and and his Packers teammates helped judge.

At the time, Brett and Deanna were not married, but they were already parents to the first of two children.

Here's a few snaps from the video:





The Favre File:

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