Brett Favre's Wrangler ads cut from NFL broadcasts

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Brett Favre's still in hreavy rotation on the Wrangler homepage.
It looked like Wrangler was sticking with Brett Favre in the immediate wake of the Jenn Sterger sexting allegations, but that's changed.

Citing an outfit called Front Row Analytics, CNBC says that no Favre Wrangler ads, featuring "Bad to the Bone" by George Thorogood, aired on NFL broadcast this past weekend.

Instead, the spot ran on smaller cable channels including Versus, FX, Speed and the History Channel.

"No brand wants to be embroiled in a controversy of such a personal nature," said Eric Smallwood, vice president of product management for Front Row. "It's best for the brand to have a limited brand affiliation with the athlete until the outcome is known."

Versus is an odd choice. That's where Sterger can now be seen as part of The Daily Line. How awkward.

Meanwhile, Favre is still part of the Wrangler homepage rotation.

And ESPN reports that an NFL security official is due in the Twin Cities on Tuesday to interview Favre about the sexting allegations.

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