Brock Lesnar defeated by Cain Valesquez

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Brock Lesnar loses the heavyweight belt to Cain Valesquez.
Brocktober came to an early end. Lesnar is champion no more.

Cain Valesquez took the belt from the UFC heavyweight champion with an onslaught of ground and pound at the end of the first round that left Lesnar with a brutal gash under his left eye.

Lesnar, who recently survived a near-death bout of diverticultis, was humble in defeat.

"What can I say? He was better than me tonight," Brock said after the bout.

Cain Valesquez beat Brock Lesnar to a pulp
Valesquez dedicated his win to fellow Latinos, saying, "We did it."

Lesnar isn't the only loser tonight--the UFC waves goodbye to a cash cow who could single-handledly bring in 1 million pay-per-view buys. Valesquez is much less flashy, and will be harder to market as the heavyweight champion.

Nevertheless, by winning the belt, Valesquez becomes to first Mexican heavyweight champion in all of combat sports. Perhaps Cain Valesquez will help the UFC make headway in the Latino market.

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