Clinton Danner sentenced for pimping his wife

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This man pimped his wife
The Minnesota man who pimped his wife on the Internet pled guilty to the crime in Chicago yesterday. He'll spend two years in prison -- hopefully without online access.

Clinton Danner met his wife through their church, where he was a youth counselor. He was 27, known as a shady character trying to get his life back on track. She was a 17-year-old kid. He got her pregnant. They planned to get married. But there was no wedding.

Instead, Danner, 32, of Rockford, sent his wife through a nightmare of forced prostitution, selling her body to strangers in Minnesota, New York, Washington, Georgia and Illinois. He threatened to take away their three-year-old child if she did not do what he wanted. This went on for years.

Danner's wife finally called a sex trafficking helpline and helped authorities set him up. Deputies in Cook County, Illinois, arrested him at a Chicago Holiday Inn in March.

Yesterday, Danner pleaded guilty to pimping his wife. A federal court judge in Chicago sentenced Danner to two years in prison. The judge also ordered a two-year order of protection preventing him from contact with his wife, starting when Danner is released.

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