Cockpit turns FAG graffiti into fashionista T-shirt

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Now you can wear FAG graffiti as a T-shirt
When someone tagged the Cockpit fetish and leather store with the word FAG last week, the owners turned it into a marketing gimmick. Now they're selling the slur printed onto stylish T-shirts.

The image looks just like the actually graffiti--only instead of paint pen on a store window, it's rainbow lettering on a black T-shirt. Apparently, it's stylish enough that comedian Margaret Cho bought one.

Guess Cockpit was lucky with the graffiti at least in one sense: whoever wrote the letters F-A-G on the store window had some pretty nice handwriting. The shop used the exact image of the elegant lettering for its T-shirts, says Skip Vandelinde, who works in the store.

The shop has already sold 110 T-shirts on pre-order, Vandelinde says. A store in San Francisco ordered 50. "We have a guy downstairs constantly making more," he says.

Police came and took a report, but haven't found whoever left the slur on the shop window over the Oct. 9th weekend, says Vandeline, who added that he expects they won't be able to ever trace the source.

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