Delta Kappa Epsilon frat house suspended after sex assault

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DKE was the site of the first of three U of M sexual assaults.
The new booze ban for guests at University of Minnesota frat houses made headlines yesterday, as the campus reacts to three sexual assaults at different fraternity houses in as many weeks.

But there's more fallout: Delta Kappa Epsilon has received an on-campus suspension by the Interfraternity Council.

The fraternity's international organization also temporarily suspended the chapter.

You can read the organization's "risk management" statement here.

DKE was the site of the first assault, on Sept. 18, when a 19-year-old woman was attacked in a bathroom during a party. The following weekend, 19-year-old female student reported being raped at Chi Psi. And last Thursday, a woman was sexually assaulted at Phi Gamma Delta.

The council, made up of student leaders from campus fraternities and sororities, approved the DKE suspension Sunday night, in the same closed-door meeting at which it barred guests from drinking at IFC member houses.

The DKE organization acted on Sept. 26.

IFC President Martin Chorzempa told the Minnesota Daily the suspension was a reaction to numerous IFC membership rules violations.

The four-year penalty means DKE members can't participate in any campus greek-related events, including homecoming and intramurals.

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As a current brother of DKE here at the University of Minnesota I would kindly ask that you remove this article. The facts surrounding what actually happened are not reported correctly, as they should be by an organization with journalistic integrity such as City Pages. In short, during a party 4 male, non-students broke into our house and robbed several people. One of these occurred in our second floor bathroom and was against a woman. Thus out of standard procedure it was labeled as an attempted sexual assault. However, no member, friend of a member, or even a University student were the perpetrators. It was a crime committed by career criminals who came to campus with the intentions of robbing people. Charges were never filed and the victim remains friends with the Dekes she knew at the time. You may contact either Minneapolis PD, University of Minnesota PD, or representatives from the U of M SUA and Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life for more details. Thanks for your time and I hope you consider removing or at least editing this article. 

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