Dora the Explorer's excellent Tom Emmer video

Screen grab via TheUptake
Oh no, not you again.
At least, Tom Emmer says, Nick Espinosa didn't bring the pennies this time.

But he still looked a little fed up to see the immigrant rights activist stealing the scene at Monday's health care gubernatorial debate with Mark Dayton and Tom Horner.

Now there's video of the moment when Espinosa approached the podium and thrust a little pink-clad Dora the Explorer doll into Emmer's lap; check out Mark Dayton stepping up to run interference for Emmer.

"Education not deportation," Espinosa yelled as he was escorted away. "Happy Columbus Day."

Check out the video, and read "Dora the Explorer's excellent Tom Emmer adventure" to see why Espinosa pulled Dora out of his bag.

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