Drunken St. Cloud woman falls out window chasing cat

Photo by Alvesgaspar, Wikipedia.
Cats tend to land on their feet. Humans do not.
Drunkenly climbing onto a 20-foot-tall ledge to save an escaped cat is probably putting yourself in more danger than it's worth.

Seriously. If it falls, a cat tends to land on its feet. Humans, on the other hand, do not.

At around 1:00 a.m. today, a 20-year-old woman was smoking near the window of her apartment when the cat crept out. A few drinks deep, the woman decided she would follow, says St. Cloud Police Sgt. Marty Sayre.

But the rescue mission didn't go quite as planned.

"The cat was getting away from her and somehow she fell out of the window," says Sayre.

The woman fell to the sidewalk below. Police don't have many details, but Sayre says he believes the injuries were not life threatening.

At least the police went easy on her for the drinking. Although the unidentified 20-year-old showed "obvious signs of intoxication," says Sayre, the cops didn't bust her for underage consumption.

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