Duluth News Tribune turns against Jim Oberstar

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Cravaack gives Oberstar a run for his money.
For the first time in three decades, the Duluth News Tribune did not endorse Congressman Jim Oberstar.

Oberstar has been a huge asset to the 8th District, says the DNT -- this is a guy who helped build the "Bong Bridge," after all -- but the paper doesn't think the 76-year-old is fiscally responsible enough to do right in the modern economy.

From the DNT:

The brake pedal of fiscal responsibility is needed in Washington now as much as ever. Although Oberstar voted in 1993 for the biggest debt reduction in post-World War II history, the 17-term incumbent is hardly the embodiment of financial restraint and new direction.

Instead, the DNT endorsed "the Dean's" politically virginal Republican opponent, Chip Cravaack. Cravaack is a retired military man who grew up in West Virgina. It's his lack of political experience and promise to reform government spending that won over the DNT:

Cravaack vowed to lower taxes paid by businesses, especially smaller businesses, and to remove government regulations and restrictions that impede economy-stimulating private-sector activity.

For his part, Oberstar is unwilling to accept the paper's endorsement of Cravaack. He's instead calling bullshit on the DNT's parent-company, Forum Communications.

"The Fargo Forum owns the Duluth newspaper," said Oberstar in a statement. "They have dictated this outcome. It is one that fits their philosophy. It does not represent that of the Northland."

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