Fried squirrel kills power in South Minneapolis

Categories: Animals

Not as conductive a material as you might have imagined.
For dumb animals, squirrels are clever little buggers.

They will find a way to raise a family in your attic. They will outwit your most devious bird-feeder security system. And apparently, they can find a way to cook themselves to a crisp while bringing down much of the electrical grid of a major metro area.

Tom Hoen, a spokesman for Xcel Energy, said the bushy-tailed terrorist worked his way into substation equipment at 11:07 this morning, cutting power to some 19,000 residents, as well as major business customers like Archer Daniels Midland and the Smith Foundry.

Power was restored to most users by 11:47, and to the rest a half hour after that.

He's in the great nut-pile in the sky now, making disconcerting clucking noises with the heavenly choir.

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