'Jim Thome At The Plate' rocks on video

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Jim Thome at the bat
Starting about the time his Labor Day home run hit the flag pole at Target Field, everyone's been expecting big things out Jim Thome and the rest of the Twins as they head into their playoff run this week against the Yankees.

We've named Thome our Twin of the month. Sports Illustrated named him Prairie Homer Companion on its cover.

And now he gets some rock 'n' roll love, too.

An Omaha band called The Whipkey Three has paid him homage with "Thome At The Plate."

Matt Whipkey surely penned the title, "Casey At The Bat," with an eye on Ernest Lawrence Thayer's famous poem, "Casey At The Bat."

Casey, of course, struck out. We expect bigger and better from Thome.

Enjoy that clip below, as well as "Don't call them the Twinkies" from Craig Finn of The Hold Steady.

"Thome at the plate"

Please don't call them the Twinkies"

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