Jimmy Kimmel gets into Brett Favre's Wranglers [VIDEO]

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Enough room for a photo.
Wrangler scaled back its "Bad to the Bone" ads featuring Brett Favre, so Jimmy Kimmel has generously stepped into the breach.

"He could lose $7 million in endorsements a year. You know, his manager really should have sat him down and said, 'Brett, you're getting paid $19,000 a day, just to not show people your junk,'" Kimmel joked. And those pictures? "To be honest, it's all I can think about when I watch him play."

That means we have new ad from JKL: "Wrangler jeans. Trusted and true. Comfortable and classic. And never too tight, so you can always get a camera down the front."

Check it out:

The Favre File:

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