Joe Gustafson Jr. and his Beat Down Posse charged

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Joe Gustafson Jr. is up on felony charges.
Joe Gustafson Jr. and members of his Beat Down Posse have been arrested on felony warrants for viciously beating multiple victims, including one left in a pool of blood in a bathtub.

The warrants for Gustafson, 35, and pals Robert Allen Engles, 33, and Troy Michael Neuberger, 38, have been signed by a judge in Hennepin County Court.

The warrants accuse the men of terroristic threats, Gustafson of possession of a firearm, and Engles and Neuberger of second-degree assault. All three men are currently in custody, said Sgt. William Palmer of the Minneapolis Police Department.

We wrote about the Gustafson family and the case earlier this year. Federal indictments were expected by summer's end, but as summer came and went, rumors began to fly that the case had fallen apart. The reason: the primary investigator for the case, Kelly O'Rourke, had been part of the Metro Gang Strike Force.

Though O'Rourke was cleared of all wrongdoing--and was actually a whistleblower for the strike force--federal prosecutors dragged their feet because of his association with the strike force, say those close to the case.

But the warrants still look pretty strong. And police say that more charges are coming still.

Here's the rogues gallery:

Joe Gustafson Jr.

Robert Allen Engles

Troy Michael Neuberger

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