Michele Bachmann's husband is shocked at profanity. Send cash today!

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Marcus Bachmann's feelings are hurt.
Marcus Bachmann is shocked, offended and saddened that Tarryl Clark would stoop so low as to use a "profanity-laced attack" against his wife in a campaign ad.

And if you'd just write her a check today, Michele Bachmann would feel so much better. In Fact, if she could just raise $150,000 by Friday, she'd feel just great.

Such are the tactics of a congressional re-election campaign that has already raised more cash than any other in history. And the Clark campaign calls them bogus.

Marcus Bachmann is of course referring to the "Not doing @#%!" for the people of the 6th District" ad that Clark released on Tuesday.

"She stood up for BP when no one else would. She has a 100 percent voting record supporting Wall Street. She even stood with the big insurance companies and voted against reform," the announcer says in the ad. "Michele Bachmann, not doing @#%! For the people of the 6th District."

Heavens! First his long-suffering wife had to put up with posters advertising a concert called "F*** Michele Bachmann." Playboy was all set for an expose on conservative women. And former President Bill Clinton called her teabagging ways "stupid."

If this kind of behavior continues, before you know it she'll be called an anti-American socialist who wants to kill grandma, and her opponents will demand to see her birth certificate.

Here's the Bachmann plead for cash, verbatim, and a response from Clark's communications director, Carrie Lucking:

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