Michele Bachmann lies for God in latest 'False Witness'

Michele Bachmann is funny. Seriously.
Michele Bachmann's habit of hogging the limelight and getting caught with her pants on fire is well-documented.

Not that that matters to her supporters. To them, she's just being crucified.

Which is where author Bill Prendergast and his stable of artists pick up in his latest installment of "False Witness! The Michele Bachmann Story."

Depicting the congresswoman as a thorny-crowned Wizard of Oz and the woman behind the curtain, the cartoonist puts himself in God's shoes. He wonders aloud how such a self-righteous liar can claim to be so Christian:

She goes on the Fox network every twenty minutes or so, telling lies, accusing the president and Congress of being anti_American, and that gets her this big fan club. The problem for me is: She tells people she's doing all this because I asked her too? Now, is that right?

And she does it in church, too. And people believe her. And this prompts God to knock back a few pops at the bar and deconstruct Bachmann's narrative about God telling her to run for Congress.

Dragging my sacred name into it, a seal of approval for their crappy little lies, their crappy little Republican re-election campaigns. But that's not why I'm drinking tonight. I'm drinking because there are no conservative evangelical Christians who will hold her accountable for doing that.

God bless America.

Here's the cover:

Michele Bachmann: False Witness

And the previous issues:




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