Minnesota Zoo dolphin needs a name [VIDEO]

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Photo: Minnesota Zoo
Name that dolphin.
The Minnesota's Zoo's newest baby dolphin needs a name, and the zoo has decided to throw the choice open to the public.

"Flipper," anyone?

The female calf was born in July to Allie, a 23-year-old Atlantic bottle nose dolphin who moved to the zoo in 2008. Her handlers, who kept her out of public sight after the birth, say the calf is about 4 feet long and 60 pounds right now.

Want some naming hints? She's described by the zoo as "spunky, inquisitive, bold and sassy." That sounds like a cross between a pre-schooler and barbeque sauce if you ask us, but then again we're not the dolphin experts here.

Take a look at the video below, gaze into those big dolphin eyes, and send you entries along.

Note: On second thought, "Flipper" probably isn't appropriate.


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