Terence Schwartz the accused puppy killer also threatened little girl

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Terence Schwartz, accused puppy killer.
To hear the cops tell it, Terence Schwartz gunned down eight harmless puppies at his Wilmar home last year.

Now he's been charged with making terroristic threats, too, after allegedly telling a 7-year-old girl she'd meet the same fate if she didn't get out of his way.

The puppies belonged to one of Schwartz's tenants, and he'd tried to get rid of them before, dumping them in a drainage ditch.

But a Good Samaritan returned them to their kennel.

Out came the gun, police said. Down went the puppies. And the girl, a daughter of one of Schwartz's tenants, was beside herself.

"My daughter called screaming 'Mom help me, help me. He's got a gun,'" Trisha Chapman told KSAX last year.

Schwartz has already been charged with second-degree assault and felony animal cruelty.

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