There's more mousies in Twin Cities housies

Image: Mark Robinson
Mice and men are getting cosier in the Twin Cities.
Bed bugs may be the trendy household pest du jour, but it appears that mice are more than squeaking out a living.

According to hardware stores and local exterminators, calls for service and sales of mousetraps are on the rise. One exterminator put his jump in business at 30 percent.

The blame is being placed on the mild to downright tropical weather we've been enjoying the last several months -- it's another global warming miracle! After a warm spring and a lush summer, fall has made a lazy debut with temperatures reaching record highs in the 80s last week. That's all gravy to local mice.

Stacy O'Reilly, owner of Plunkett's Pest Control, says just about every common pest is probably enjoying their own Golden Age right now. While she hasn't seen a huge jump in calls yet, she doesn't doubt they're on the way.

"I think the mouse issue will become apparent in November when we really get a cold snap and everything that's living says, 'Dude, this isn't good,'" she says.

The trickle-down effect should be happy red-tailed hawks and the pitter-patter of little feet inside walls all over the cities.

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Weather does have a huge affect on the local pests. With weather like that, it isn't a surprise that mice are on the rise. Construction is another thing that can increase pests in the house. So get out the mouse traps and get the pest control number, because it is going to be a mousy summer. 

Elisa Jed | 

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