William Jacobs' kiddie porn trove detailed by prosecutors

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Former Minneapolis Park Police Capt. William Jacobs is in deep, deep trouble.

While investigating evidence related to charges that he sexually assaulted an 11-year-old boy at camp, prosecutors now say they've discovered more than 140,000 kiddie porn photos on his computer.

The discovery came from a search on the seven computers, six external hards drives and all manner of other storage devices they found at the 67-year-old man's Deephaven home -- a virtual library -- according to an affidavit by Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Krista Bettinger cited by the Pioneer Press.

"While some of these images would be considered child erotica, the majority of these photographs and videos are child pornography that depict children who are engaged in sexual acts with other children, themselves or adults," Bettinger wrote.

Jacobs was originally due to stand trial this week, but his defense is trying to get the judge in the case removed. He's free on bail.

His alleged victim, who was 12 years old at the time, says he once woke up to find Jacobs beside him in his tent on a camping trip, rubbing his hands on the child's chest and abdomen "down to the area of his pubic hair." The encounters escalated into 2009 to the point of anal penetration, oral sex, and Jacobs masturbating the boy on various occasions.

In January he was charged with criminal sexual conduct. Not long after that, investigators said they found 40,000 pornographic images on DVDs. By May, 17 more alleged victims were ready to testify that they were abused by Jacobs between 1962 and 1980.

Six of them say Jacobs struck he worked as a counselor at the YMCA's Camp Warren, near Eveleth.

He was arrested after deputies monitored a telephone from the boy to Jacobs in which he told the man he was worried that he had contracted a sexually transmitted disease from their encounters.

Jacobs didn't challenge the boy's account of sex acts, and told the boy not worry because he was "clean."

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