417 cars towed on last day of snow emergency

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18th Street and 2nd Avenue South: One of many who didn't get the message.
Despite so many explicit warnings to mind the snow emergency rules, it looks like hundreds still didn't get the message before yesterday morning.

The city tells us that 417 more cars were towed in Minneapolis Monday, the final day of the season's first snow emergency. That brings the three-day total to 1,489, according to Minneapolis spokesman Matt Laible.

Here's the day-by-day breakdown:

Day 1: 400

Day 2: 672

Day 3: 417

(Note: These numbers are a little different than what the city reported to us yesterday. Liable explains that these are more precise.)

For all of those who became part of the above statistic this weekend, you have our condolences. You'll surely have plenty more chances to get it right in months ahead.

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Think we should all watch out. see a little drop of snow and confirm that your car is at the right place and at the right time. this will avoid being towed by authorities. They do not leave out any car no matter the make. You should see them at work. They hitch your car to theirs and drive off for you to find out where your car is and pay the fine.

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