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The Arnolds are quiet today amid growing proof their website is a hoax.
With theories flying that owners Alisha and Pete Arnold are really just staging an elaborate pro-life propaganda hoax, we took a quick jaunt out to Apple Valley to get their explanation of the growing internet trail of evidence.

But after trolling for attention, the couple is trying to put the genie back in the bottle: The mother at the center of the abortion poll controversy refused our request to speak on video.

The Arnolds have become the subject of a media firestorm ever since they put up and let people vote on whether or not Alisha should abort her 17-week-old fetus.

John Kalal, a family friend who answered their door, reported that the couple would not answer any questions and that he was there to collect contact information from reporters.

"They don't want to make a quick statement about whether or not this is a hoax?" we asked.

"They're just not available for it," Kalal said, before shooing us out the door.

The Birthornot Files:

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