Cedar Lake bike trail won't reach Mississippi this year

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The Cedar Lake bike trail won't reach the Mississippi this year.
We been watching with growing admiration as the crews paving the Cedar Lake bike and walking trail have pushed on past the City Pages offices this fall.

That's why we're disappointed at the news today that they won't reach the Mississippi River before knocking off for the winter. So close, yet so far.

This third phase of the trail's construction, following rail tracks from Royalston Bridge and Glenwood Ave along under the Target Field promenade and down to West River Parkway, began in July. But City of Minneapolis civil engineer Jack Yuzna told MPR that the river will remain out of reach until the spring.

Right now, you can ride or walk on the trail into the city, almost to Target Field, but then the trail detours up onto surface streets. If you want to ride east to the river, you have to zig-zag through North Loop traffic, and sometimes over some sketchy street paving.

Like the rest of the riders in the most bike-friendly city in the country, we look forward to the end of this 20-year project. It seems like we're on the right path.

Hart Van Denburg
On the right path.

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