Donkey Basketball: Is this "sport" animal abuse?

Categories: Animal Rights
Donkey Basketball is the sport that's sweeping the nation.
PETA is beseeching Fridley parents to cancel a Donkey Basketball fundraiser because the animal rights group considers it animal abuse.

Having never heard of the illustrious sport of "Donkey Basketball," I rushed to consult YouTube for some examples of this exciting new youth trend decades-old tradition.

PETA's complaint is that the donkeys are often "pulled, shoved, screamed at, or whipped when they don't want to 'play'"

Check out the clips below. Is this wholesome fun or animal abuse?

The Fridley event is being put on by a Wisconsin group called "Dairyland Donkey Ball". Their talented donkeys can play three different sports--including donkey baseball and celebrity donkey racing.

There is a rather involved FAQ that can answer most of your questions about Donkey Basketball, with the possible exception of: "Why?"

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