Fire Childress chants grow louder with latest Vikings loss

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Fire Brad Childress is on the lips of Minnesota Vikings Fans.
The Bears creamed the Vikings today 27-13, and with the defeat the cries among fans to fire Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress grow ever louder.

There are those who will say that this loss was not his fault--certainly, Brett Favre contributed his fair share of interceptions. But the blame for the total systematic failure of this Vikings season can rest on only one man's bald head.

That bald man is Brad Childress.

Twitter has become the sounding board for discouraged Vikings fans, and the prevalence of "Fire Childress" tweets are ample evidence of fans' pulse on the head coach. There's even a fake nom de Twitter called @firechildress, which has been among the loudest voices calling for Brad's head.

And if  you really wanna rep the "Fire Childress" cause, you can buy this T-shirt.

Fire Chilly?

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