Flying deer crashes into and out of New Ulm family's car

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Chris Blakes family is battered and bruised. The deer? We're not sure.
Stories about drivers hitting deer on Minnesota highways at this time of year are fairly common.

But when a cloven-hoofed beast crashes through the front windshield of a car and keeps on going through the rear window, well, that's a deer of a different color.

Incredibly, Chris Blake of New Ulm, his wife and their 17-year-old daughter survived to tell the tale.

The State Patrol said the Blakes were blasted by the deer Saturday evening after it was first smacked by a Ford Taurus coming at them on Highway 68 west of Mankato.

The deer careened off the Taurus into the windshield of their Pontiac Vibe, went through the glass and then crashed through the back window.

It was, Susan Blake told KARE, "like a scene from 'Twister.'" (Watch the video here.)

The deer did most of its damage to her husband and daughter, breaking bones in Chris Blake's sinus cavity, both eye sockets, nose and upper jaw. Olivia, their daughter, also has a broken nose, a fractured cheek and swollen face. Susan got by with some scrapes and bruises.

The State Patrol said Donald Schroeder and Skyler Hutchens, who were in the Taurus, emerged from the ordeal unscathed.

We don't know what happened to the deer.

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