Rep. Mark Buesgens sentenced in DWI charge

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Buesgens's probation should wrap up in time for reelection.
A judge sentenced Minnesota Rep. Mark Buesgens to 60 hours of community service today for his September DWI charge.

Buesgens will also serve two years of probation, meaning he'll be free and clear at about the same time his next legislative term is wrapping up.

A Wright County deputy busted Buesgens for drunk driving this fall. The state representative tried to get off the hook by blaming his slurring on "a little Parkinsons," but to no avail. The open bottle in the car probably didn't help his case.

At the time, Buesgens had recently worked on the Tom Emmer gubernatorial campaign, only adding to Emmer's alcohol-related problems in the media.

The bad press wasn't enough to fatally wound Buesgens's own campaign, however. He was reelected to his spot on the Legislature earlier this month with 67 percent of the vote.

Buesgen pleaded guilty to the DWI charge three days later.

Here's the dash-cam video of his September arrest:

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