Brett Favre accused of asking Jenn Sterger for masturbation video

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Jenn Sterger says Brett Favre asked her to send video of herself masturbating.
Looks like it's high noon for the gunslinger.

An unidentified source "close" to the NFL investigation into the Favre sexting story tells TMZ that Jenn Sterger got a text message from the quarterback asking her for a video of her masturbating.

And the New York Post is now reporting that Sterger told the NFL she was afraid of losing her job with the New York Jets if she reported receiving the lewd messages, including pictures of his penis.

The paper also says Favre continued to sexually harass her after he left the team to play for the Vikings.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell met with Sterger last Thursday to talk about the Favre allegations. ProFootballTalk reports the meeting, which lasted for about two hours, was "heated." On Monday, Goodell also met with Favre for a few minutes in Minneapolis, ahead of the drubbing the Bears handed the Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium.

Favre, who was knocked unconscious in the second quarter of the game, has two games left in a season that he says will be his last.

Sterger says she won't launch any legal action if Goddell punishes Favre. The commissioner is said to be wrapping up his report on the affair.

The Favre File:

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