Gawker hacked: Passwords of commenters compromised in ultimate security fail

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Gawker admits it didn't keep your passwords secure.
If you have ever commented on a Gawker media property or even registered to do so, you should change your password right now.

Not just your Gawker password, but any email passwords you may have registered with the site as part of your account.

After taunting 4chan and Anonymous, Gawker has finally received it's comeuppance: A massive security fail putting millions of users at risk.

You can't trust Nick Denton with your password.
If "Trust is the New Black," as Craig Newmark tweeted earlier this week, then Gawker just screwed the pooch. This kind of major failure of user information will not go without repercussions, especially from a site that has needled other businesses for lesser infractions with user data.

So, a reminder, if you have ever registered to comment on one of the following sites, your password is currently compromised:

UPDATE: Joe Coscarelli at our sister paper Village Voice reports that Gawker was hacked by a group calling itself Gnosis.
If you have a Gawker Media account, change your password RIGHT NOW!

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