Hulk Hogan and Tim Pawlenty share a ghost writer

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Fiction or non-fiction?
We wondered yesterday what it might take for Tim Pawlenty to climb up the presidential poll ladder and join Sarah Palin in the firmament of favored Republicans. Here's one answer: Bring some smackdown to the ring.

It turns out that Pawlenty hired author Mark Dagostino to ghost write his upcoming book, "Courage to Stand." Dagostino's last gig? Ghost-writing Hulk Hogan's "My Life Outside the Ring."

Pawlenty insisted to the AP that Dagostino didn't write the whole book, just a whole lot of it. Together they likely pieced together an eminently forgettable hagiography suitable for only the most dedicated politicos.

Presidential candidates and wannabes have churned out these productions for years in an effort to introduce themselves to voters with poetic license and drama, and without reporters asking pesky questions. (We're pretty sure it won't include this.)

But maybe Pawlenty will break through the hum-drum. Here's some of Dagostino's handywork for Hogan:

I was right there leaning on the side of the car with my hands when I finally saw Nick--my only son--folded up like an accordion with his head down by the gas pedal. "Nick!" I yelled. I could see he was alive. He turned his head, he stuck his hand out, and gave me a thumbs-up. For a second I was relieved. Then the chaos set in. The noise of engines. Sirens. A saw. Para - medics pulling John from the passenger seat. So much blood.

And check out the PR pitch for T-Paw's entry:

Long before he was considered a top prospective presidential candidate for 2012--even before he landed on John McCain's short list of potential running mates in 2008--Governor Tim Pawlenty had already earned legendary status in conservative circles. In his hard-left-leaning home state of Minnesota, the man known as "T-Paw" somehow erased a $4.8-billion budget deficit while simultaneously reforming health care, creating jobs, improving education, and supporting renewable energy reform--all without raising taxes.

In Courage to Stand, Pawlenty reveals, for the first time, how he found the resolve to get the job done, taking readers all the way back to the lessons he learned as a boy in the gritty meatpacking town of South St. Paul. From the devastating early death of his mother to the struggle to work his way through college and law school and his epic political battles as governor, Pawlenty opens up about his deepest beliefs and shares his vision for a better America.

Need a shower after that?

Here's the book's cover, and some T-Paw's competition-to-be in the best-seller lists:






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