Jeremy Giefer was sexually assaulting mother of out-of-wedlock child during pardon application

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After Pawlenty pardoned him for statutory rape, Giefer was the subject of a restraining order for lewd advances.

Jeremy Giefer, the sex offender pardoned by Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, threatened and sexually assaulted the mother of his out-of-wedlock daughter even as he was applying for a pardon as a faithful family man, court records reveal.

City Pages has already documented the slew of red flags Giefer's behavior threw up before he received his 2008 pardon. But court records released this week show that even after Pawlenty's pardon, Giefer needed to be told by a judge not to pull his penis out in front of his ex-girlfriend.

"He repeatedly makes sexual advances toward me, tries to touch and fondle me," the woman wrote in requesting the restraining order. "He exposes his penis in hopes of sex and sexual favors ...."

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City Pages
Jeremy Giefer told Pawlenty he wanted the pardon to open a daycare center.
Geifer's relationship with the victim, Sarah Ann Marie Kruse, began in 2007. That December 17, she gave birth to his daughter. By then, the five-month affair with Giefer had ended, but she was still living next door.

It was around this same time that Giefer was applying for a pardon claiming he was a dutiful husband to the woman he statutorily raped when she was 14.

Although they had broken up, Giefer wouldn't leave Kruse alone. Starting in September 2008, Kruse alleges in court documents, Giefer regularly invaded her home to make lewd advances.
A passage from the request for an order of protection against Giefer.

On March 24, 2009, Kruse applied for a restraining order.
Mr. Giefer told me he watches my house and what I do. He repeatedly makes sexual advances toward me, tries to touch and fondle me. He exposes his penis in hopes of sex and sexual favors, he lets himself into my house without permission. I have repeatedly asked him to stop and that I don't like it. I have tried to kick him out of my house. He becomes threatening and hostile if I have male visitors, my house and my parents' house has been threatened to be burned down, my family members have been threatened to be beat up. I am repeatedly sexually touched by Mr. Giefer and sexually assaulted and my requests for him to stop are ignored.

The most recent sexual harrassment by Mr. Giefer occurred on Friday March 20th, he walked into my house and tried to hug + kiss me, he asked repeatedly for sex and only left when his wife called. This happens on a weekly basis and he's at times been more frequent. Harassment started in September of 08 and continues to this day. He has rubbed his penis on my body parts.
Giefer disputed the allegations, but made no objection to the restraining order, which was granted by Blue Earth County Judge Norbert P. Smith on April 10, 2009.

On November 18, 2010, Giefer was arrested and charged with repeatedly molesting his daughter. He was released on bail a short time later, but his bond was revoked December 3 for making contact with the alleged victim. He remains locked up in Blue Earth County Jail awaiting trial.

Sally Jo Sorensen contributed reporting for this post.

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