John Bullock and Damonta Jones allegedly raped victim with live snake

Photo: felixfrancier
John D. Bullock and Damonta D. Jones are charged with first-degree sexual assault.
We thought the story about the Wisconsin freaks who dug up a dead woman for sex was vile enough. But this story out of Eau Claire is even worse: John D. Bullock and Damonta D. Jones have been charged with raping a woman with a live snake.

Police say the 32-year-old woman, a friend and Bullock were drinking and dancing at Jones' home the night of Nov. 11 when the party took an ugly turn.

In the wee hours, she was lured into a bedroom by Jones with the promise of looking at photos of Jones' kids. But as she walked through the bedroom door, she was beaten over the head and thrown to the ground.

The next thing she knew, Jones was holding her down while Bullock assaulted her. And the last thing she remembered hearing Jones say as she passed out was, "I'll get the snake."

When she regained consciousness, she told the cops felt the snake inside her, maybe even biting her. Someone said, "Pull it out."

This, Bullock told the cops, is what he considers to be consensual sex.

No, assistant district attorney Meri Larson said in Eau Claire County Court the day the two were charged.

This was "a violent attack on the victim."

Jones and Bullock have both been charged with first-degree sexual assault and are being held on $30,000 bond each. Jones is already on supervision for two separate third-degree sexual assault convictions.

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