Metrodome Collapse: Video analysis shows somebody (or thing) escaped as roof fell

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The guy in the circled cart narrowly escaped the snowpocalypse when the Metrodome roof collapsed.
Someone was inside the Metrodome and on the sideline as the roof of the Metrodome began to collapse, according to a video analysis.

A commenter pointed out to us that despite official word that nobody was on Mall of America field at the time of the roof failure, the Fox Sports video clearly shows a dark streak escaping on the far sideline as snow starts to stream down from holes in the roof.

Was it a horse, a ghost, or a man in a golf cart?



We used a Flip video to show a close-up view of the dark object in question:

Here is the original video--look at the far sideline at the :10 second mark and you will see the object streaking down the sideline as snow begins to leak in from holes in the roof:

Who was the person who was inside the Metrodome and on Mall of America field when the roof started to give way?

Who managed to barely survive a tragedy that could have resulted in loss of life instead of just loss of stadium?

We're awaiting word from the Vikings.

In the meantime, the anonymous employee is our nominee for Play of the Day. Check out the X's and O's:

City Pages
Play of the Day: The dude that escaped Mall of America Field as the Metrodome's roof collapsed looked like Adrian Peterson streaking down the sideline for a touchdown.

Metrodome Collapse and Blizzard Coverage:

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