Metrodome Collapse: Roof panel shot down with gun

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The Metrodome roof still isn't safe for repair crews.
Ice and snow have started to build up in the remaining collapsed roof panels over the Metrodome field, and workers today fired a shotgun round into one of them to bring it down as a precaution.

Three of the panels dramatically gave way last Sunday after the blizzard, sending an avalanche of snow crashing onto the field, and deflating the dome. The whole affair was caught on video.

A fourth panel gave out during the week, but workers on the field were not hurt.

Pat Milan of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission told the AP that workers may take similar action on other suspect panels in the future. In the meantime, the Metrodome has been closed down for the night.

Meantime, the Vikings, left without a home, are facing off against the Bears tonight at TCF Bank Stadium at the University of Minnesota.


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Performing roof repairs on such a large stadium is very difficult as well as dangerous especially in snow. Roofing companies must ensure the safety of roofers and put this matter above all others. It is better to get the job done a little late rather than having someone injured in the process of achieving fast results. 

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