Minneapolis winter parking restrictions start Friday

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New rules for the rest of the winter.
The post-blizzard news keeps getting worse.

Starting tomorrow, and until April 1 unless the City says otherwise, it will be against the law to park your car on the even-numbered sides of city streets.

That is to say, about half of the available on-street parking in Minneapolis is about to be out of bounds.

A pain in the neck for sure, but the rule means that emergency vehicles will be able to get around unhampered, and that's a good thing.

Pay attention. Don't get towed.
You may park on designated Snow Emergency routes, parkways and along the odd-numbered side of non-Snow Emergency routes.

There are exceptions. No parking on Bryant Avenue South from Lake Street to 50th Street and Grand Avenue South from Lake Street to 48th Street.

Snow Emergency rules will still apply if and when the city announces them following snow storms during the winter.

Violate the rules and you're liable to ticketed or towed. Need to know more? Here's the city's website.


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