TCF Bank Stadium: Video of "The Hopeful Shovelers"

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Judd Spicer
"The Hopeful Shovelers"
They came in diverse shapes and sizes, arriving with either the desire to make some quick scratch, or to help the Vikings salvage what remains of their circus 2010.

Together they queued, braving elements and (understandably) patchy information as the U of M put out the call for strong-armed men and women.

They came to shovel -- although most of them (based on the surplus of eager participants) would find no purchase in their endeavor to help clear the way for TCF to host the Vikings and the Bears on Monday Night Football.

But they waited patiently, huddled together, and in the interim had time to talk to C.P. about what brought them down to Dinkytown on a cold Thursday morn.

These are "The Hopeful Shovelers."


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