Brandi Favre, Brett's sister, arrested in meth bust

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Brett Favre's younger sister, Brandi, has been arrested in a meth bust.
More trouble in the Favre family. Brandi Favre, Brett's younger sister, has been arrested in Mississippi after police moved in on a meth lab.

Hancock County narcotics agents say they watched a drug buy at a gas station in the town of Diamondhead and followed the suspects back to a condo unit to make the bust.

Five people, including Brandi, were arrested, according to local TV station WLOX. They were taken to a local hospital for decontamination before getting jailed.

Authorities evacuated seven surrounding condo units in the complex, and a haz-mat team donned protective gear and started hauling the toxic chemicals from the lab away.

Brandi Favre isn't a stranger to Mississippi police. She's been arrested before for shoplifting and firearms violations.

Big brother Brett, of course, just had to pay the NFL a $50,000 fine for stonewalling its probe into his surreptitious text messages to Jenn Sterger. He's also been named in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a pair of massage therapists in New York.

What does this family talk about around the dinner table?

The Favre File:

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