Brandi Favre meth bust mug shot: Photo of the day [UPDATE]

brandi favre mug shot.jpg
Brandi Favre: "Always in trouble."
Vikings QB Brett Favre's younger sister Brandi was arrested yesterday during a meth bust in Diamondhead, Miss.

Now the local police have released her mug shot.

"She's always in trouble," Hancock County Sheriff's Maj. Matt Karl told AP.

Thirty-four-year-old Brandi, who lives in Pass Christian, was rounded up with four others after police followed suspected drug sellers led to a condo in the town, not far from where Brett Favre grew up in Kiln.

Cops found a meth lab in a bathtub at the condo, evacuated surrounding units and carted the suspects off to hospital for decontamination before booking them.

"It was still cooking," Karl said.

The condo unit was a known trouble spot:

"I have witnessed people coming and going at all hours of the night for the two years I've lived here," one woman said. "It's been going on for two years, and I have complained to the security in Diamondhead. And I have gotten no results. I am delighted to see this."

Brandi and her friends were charged with manufacturing meth, possession of a controlled substance, transferring a controlled substance, and generation of hazardous waste.

They're all in custody ahead of a court date today. If convicted, she potentially faces millions of dollars in fines, and up to 30 years in prison on each count.

Brett Favre , meanwhile, is licking his own wounds. He was forced to pay the NFL a $50,000 fine for refusing to cooperate in its probe of the the Jenn Sterger sexting scandal. He and the New York Jets have also been named in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a pair of massage therapists in New York.

Update: Brandi Favre posted a $40,000 bond this afternoon and was released ahead of another expected court date in February.

Here's Brandi:

brandi favre mug shot.jpg
Brandi Favre

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Meth Abuse
Meth Abuse

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