Brett Favre denies meeting Stephanie Dusenberry

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Dusenberry has some high-powered legal help.
Brett Favre claims he's never met Stephanie Dusenberry, the Eden Prairie massage therapist who claims the now-retired quarterback sent her lewd text messages in September.

The Eden Prairie police say they have no record of a report that Dusenberry claims to have filed after she received the message from Favre. And she didn't save the messages.

Dusenberry went public with the allegations against Favre in a Deadspin story yesterday, including this exchange:

"Do you have time to work on me tonight? No hurry I'm alone."

I told him I would not come to his house and he said,

"You don't know what it's like to not be touched by a woman for three weeks, come over and no one needs to know."

A former Vikings staffer, Dusenberry said she left the team in 2007 to start her own business, but kept working independently with some of its players, including Tarvaris Jackson and Chester Taylor.

She told Deadspin that she'd had bad experiences with Dwight Smith, Aundrae Allison and Albert Young. Deadspin published what it said was a photo of Young, naked, that he sent her in a message.

WCCO, citing an unnamed source, reported last night that Dusenberry was fired from the team because of ongoing problems, before striking out on her own, and that Favre denied ever meeting her.

She is the third massage therapist to accuse of Favre of unwanted advances via text message. But unlike Christina Scavo and Shannon O'Toole, who came into contact with Favre when all three were with the New York Jets, Dusenberry is from Minnesota and Favre's alleged behavior took place when he played for the Vikings.

She said she came forward after the NFL fined Favre $50,000 for stonewalling its probe into his alleged lewd texts to Jenn Sterger in 2008. She saw a pattern of loutish behavior and wanted to expose it.

But she didn't save the messages from Favre, and unless she can recover her logs from her cell phone service, her claims may be hard to prove.

KSTP reported that a high-powered attorney is going to help Dusenberry: Tom Holtman once represented convicted Ponzi schemer Tom Petters.

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I know this woman--she dated a friend of mine for a short period of time before he figured out what a psychopath she is. She drinks to excess and then becomes violent--hitting and scratching and screaming and then calls the cops and says he beat her up. I saw firsthand how completely nuts she gets when she's smashed. (Which apparently, is pretty often) 4 months later she was engaged to someone else. Absolutely out of her mind. Go to her facebook page can get a real good picture of this woman by her many selfies and constant patting herself on the back. If you've ever seen this woman, you would know she is a BEAST. She is so muscular, one might assume she's actually a male body-builder/drag-queen. There is no chance Brett Favre would look at her and choose her even for a ten minute handy over the literal thousand other women out there that he could have instead. But she got a settlement from another athlete in the past, so she figured she might as well give it a try. Disgusting woman.


Meet Stephanie Dusenberry­, she is a sports massage therapist, well not any therapist, Brett Favre’s third massage therapist that has joined Christina Scavo and Shannon O’Toole in their alleged scandal with the retired football player. What does she have to say about her relationsh­ip with him? Is she giving away the names of other players? Is she suing him as well? Are the problems for him with these women ever going to end? Keep reading and you will discover details that will blow your mind, and you will for sure want to share your thoughts about it!Stephanie Dusenberry­: Brett Favre’s Other Massage Therapist http://spo­rts.rightp­­/?p=5756


What a pig!! Favor thinks he can get away with anything. He'll get his some day soon.


Yeah! How could he possibly think he could get away with harassing a person who he most likely never met or even spoke too. The nerve of that guy.

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