Climb off the ledge on Star Tribune's Bachmann coverage: Comment of the day

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Bachmann makes history.
Michele Bachmann is such a prolific spouter of factually challenged nonsense that it's impossible for journalists to track it all. Nevertheless, the watchdogs at Columbia Journalism Review didn't think that challenge excused the Star Tribune from trying, and it said so in public. Climb off the ledge, commenter Adam Minter said. "The Republic will survive."
So easy for the CJR and those who aren't actually out there doing actual reporting, to sit in their Blogging Chairs, arms crossed in judgment, and say that [reporter Rachel] Stassen-Berger, "in addition to writing down, [should] verify or correct or flesh out for readers" Bachmann's statements. In other words, rather than spend a small part of her 800-word reported story explicitly labeling Bachmann's statements as "opinions," she should spend time deconstructing them. If I were Berger-Stassen, I wouldn't respond to this kind of crap, either, in part because I'd be too busy chasing down a candidate, trying to file on time, than to worry about what some nag at the totally irrelevant CJR thinks.
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Mark Gisleson
Mark Gisleson

The commenter is absolutely right. Why should a reporter fact check a politician? Next thing you know people will start expecting car dealership mechanics to read recall notices, restaurants to start refrigerating dairy products or even — god forbid — talk radio callers to cite their sources!

Michele Bachmann talking isn't news. Fact checking her would at least inject some newsworthy content into an otherwise newsless article.

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