David Carr gets kudos in "Page One" N.Y. Times documentary

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page one carr2.jpg
David Carr gives a stand-out performance.
Congratulations are in order for David Carr, once the editor of the Twin Cities Reader, who keeps clawing his way up the media food chain.

Carr beat drug addiction to pen a harrowing memoir. He carved out a media beat at The New York Times. Two years ago, he was riding a chairlift with movie star Tom Arnold at the Sundance Film Festival for the paper.

Now he's got a role in a movie premiering at Sundance.

"Page One" is a documentary that captures a year in the life of the Times by focusing on Carr and other reporters as they cover the imploding media industry that's coincidentally eating the Times and other publications alive.

"A Carr is Born" ran the headline in the Strib.

"A gruff former crackhead, Carr is the underused star of Page One, a tough-talking, common-sense guy who remains unfazed by the radical changes around him," opines The Guardian.

Carr could at times be mistaken for a tramp and stands out like a sore but beloved thumb amongst the buttoned-down, gravelly-voiced ranks of Timesmen," gushes the The Daily Beast.

Orson Welles ... Cary Grant ... Spencer Tracy ... Robert Redford ... Glenn Close (OK. Not Glenn Close) ... Is Carr the next marquee name over a newspaper flick?

Here's director Andrew Rossi:

And here's some classic Carr:

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