DEA says Minnesota head shops "jumped the gun" in lawsuit

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DEA to head shop owners: Not so fast.
The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency says that a collection of Minnesota head shops jumped the gun when they sued the DEA over a ban on synthetic marijuana in December.

The ban isn't even in place.

The agency says in court papers filed yesterday that the head shop owners filed suit based on the DEA's notice of intent to ban the products. But the soonest an actual ban would take place is Feb. 1.

Government lawyers also assert that the temporary restraining order sought by the head shops filed in federal district court should have been filed in the court of appeals.

The head shop owners allege the ban on five of the most commonly used synthetic cannabinoids is unconstitutional, violates the separation of powers, and skirted mandatory review processes.

The DEA says the head shops are selling products that pose serious health risks to anyone using them.

The owners of the Last Place on Earth in Duluth, the Hideaway in Dinkytown, Down in the Valley in the western suburbs, and Disc and Tape in St. Cloud say the ban will put them out of business because it would take away a major source of revenue.

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Lawmakers are in the process of closing any loopholes that currently exist with laws pertaining to some herbal incense products, but there efforts will prove to be fruitless in the end. The prohibition of marijuana has created this demand for legal marijuana alternatives. A rather prosperous niche that will be tapped into for as long as marijuana continues to be illegal. There are many places one may still buy k2 incense and according to the vendors, like the k2 herb products they sell are legal everywhere.


Actually, I work for a company that deals with these stores directly, and many of these shop owners are clients of mine (many have even become friends).

Because of the recession, many of these shops nearly shut down.

When these products boosted their sales by the thousands of dollars/week, they were able to afford to stay open. Many were even able to open additional locations, employing up to 5 people at each location.

This is a major source of income for people and its absence will leave a huge void of unemployment and failed businesses to fill, especially with old shops competing with online commerce.


i also agree that the ban of these "current" blends would not shut these long standing stores down. unfortonatly the DEA i already jumping the gun with the announcement before really tossing some reputable medical research in to what these blends acually do to the body before banning it. the reason they cant ban it indefiantly is cause they have no recorded case of anyone dying on it ether. this whole battle is over somethnig new and legal that acts like an acual drug and the DEA doesn't like that fact. so they are going to ban it to show you who's the man on what you can get fucked up on or not.


Hmmm, if someone wants to buy k2, they're going to do it regardless of any junk law. K2 incense seems to evolve with every ban. These guys, claim to have k2 smoke products that aren't prohibited under ANY ban. Authorities will never be able to keep up.


Wait a minute, so prohibiting them from selling something that has been around for less than 10 years is going to cause all these businesses that have been around 30 years or more to close? I call bull shit.


Agree..I too plant the BS Flag!! Head shop guys may be a bit Buzzed tho so lets just give them credit for sorta payin attention LOL

Fire up a a number fellas you have 2 more weeks

-Stone Sober

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